"Smart is 
to Think easy"

Dr. Marie-Theres Heine,           
Product Manager – Binary Switching Sensors

When Marie-Theres Heine goes jogging, she prefers listening to her favorite music while doing so. In the past, this required tediously putting together a playlist. Today, it’s as easy as having a smartphone and a music platform — simple, at the press of a button. When she is developing sensors as a product manager, she takes the same approach: the sensors should be as easy to operate as her smartphone.

"Smart is 
to share experience"

Jörg Beintner,

Industry Manager – Machine Tools

Jörg Beintner has a hobby – he plays tennis and coaches young tennis players. Passing on his experience comes naturally to him. As an industry manager for the tool manufacturing division, he does the same when it comes to customer projects.

"Smart is
to be close"

Junghee Lee,

Customer Service Manager – Leuze electronic South Korea

Junghee Lee, Customer Service Manager in our South Korean office loves catering to people. Hospitality is a matter of courtesy in her home country, and she is keenly aware that people who feel at home are very likely to return. The same applies to our company’s customer services.

"Smart is
to create the future"

Moritz Mullis,

Development Engineer – Competence Center Electronics

Moritz Mullis has personally discovered the benefits of living in a smart home. Because automation simply makes everything easier and comfortable, also on the home front. Windows close automatically when it rains, or the cloud reminds him of an upcoming appointment. When the development engineer is busy developing networked sensors for Industry 4.0 applications together with his colleagues in Owen, he may very well be contemplating the benefits of automation that he reaps in his private life.

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