We have a very clear idea of what the future will look like

We are developing the technological standards of the future. Together with our customers and international technology partners, we are working on viable concepts for tomorrow’s industrial automation.

Intelligent sensors provide the foundation for industry 4.0 and IIOT

Together with international technology partners such as Microsoft and the OPC Foundation, among others, we are designing the technological standards of tomorrow and are already optimally preparing our products for this today. For example, already today some of our sensors, such as bar code readers or optical data transceivers, are sending their data directly to the cloud where they can be used for further analysis or services. Interfaces such as IO-Link or Ethernet also aim to facilitate the communication and networking of sensors and make the information available worldwide.

Condition monitoring with DDLS 500

Our DDLS 500 data transmission photoelectric sensor is the world's first device to provide external access and remote error diagnostics via EtherNet using its integrated web server. Here Leuze electronic is a pioneer and sets the standard for the future.

Into the Future with bar code reader BCL 348i 

In cooperation with Microsoft, we are developing a sensor solution with Industry 4.0 capability which is based on the BCL 348i bar code reader and transfers the data directly to the Azure Cloud via OPC UA and back to the sensor. The bar code reader can also be controlled directly via the app.

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