We do not budge on this issue – if it is not “easy to operate”, we will not develop it!

Our development motto is quite simple – all products must be easy and intuitive to operate for our customers – easier than the previous models and similar devices on the market.

Complex Technology – Easy to Operate!

Even in the development of new products, Leuze electronic is steadfast on keeping with its customers’ desire for simple operation. This is the company’s development maxim. It means that we only develop products that are easy to operate, preferably even easier than the previous models or comparable products on the market.

These sensores offer unlimited freedom

Our new devices of the C-generation offer complete liberty when it comes to selecting the sensor alignment. The switching thresholds can be configured by button, line, IO-Link, or the tradi-tional potentiometer – anything is possible.

A code reader that is up and running in three minutes

Our camera-based code reader DCR 200i is setting a new standard in terms of performance and implementation. It takes no more than three minutes to parameterize the code reader via its two control buttons and start using it – it doesn’t get any easier! 

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